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Reviews for "Sirtom93 - The Game!"

Not really a game

It wasn't really a game, but it did definetly make me laugh. I would have preferred something like a platformer evading the police, and in the ending, just as he winds up to toss the petrol can, 20 police cars surround him. THAT would have been hilarious. Still, it was a nice try, and definetly funny. A lot of people seem to be capitalizing on the Sirtom incident though. Wonder how long before it loses steam.


I'd feel bad if I gave this a low or a high score. It's incredibly sloppy, but at the same time, it's kind of jokingly professional. Even though this game doesn't even take a full second to play, it's sorta fun.


I'm kind of impressed (not sure if this is the word I wanted to use) about the sirtom93 story. I think part of the trouble lies in schools not doing enough to discourage bullies and such. I also think that in the future, given how things are going, schools will require security personnel. I guess this is how times are turning out to be.

About the flash itself, it could have been a bit more entertaining, but I guess you were very timely on the subject so I'll vote 3 and rate 6.

A bit funny

But you can't beat the game and it hasn't got any gameplay.
So good idea but try harder.

ok i guess

The only bad thing f it wasnt for sirtom being stupid and accually posting that he was going to burn down his school he would of done it and probally killed alot of people. GO rig for taking his post seriously.