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Reviews for "Sirtom93 - The Game!"

I give you an 8

for the U.N Owen Was Her song for the title screen theme


My only complaint is poor graphics. However, their "poorness" (is that a word?) made the video. It wouldn't have been as silly/funny with amazing looks.

I love it, but where is the mute button?

Tell me where.

JaY11 responds:

The mute button is so well hidden raptor jesus himself could not locate it

Heh, funny.

I must admit, even if the threats were serious, this still made me chuckle. The bad graphics made it funnier for some unknown reason as well. Those darn cops seem to catch me every time :(


I'd feel bad if I gave this a low or a high score. It's incredibly sloppy, but at the same time, it's kind of jokingly professional. Even though this game doesn't even take a full second to play, it's sorta fun.