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Reviews for "Sirtom93 - The Game!"

to 1 -ceth

OK, I guess one is not supposed to review another review in ones review, but.
Dear mr. 1-ceth (and other who feel alike), it's ok to feel bad for people. It's ok to defend those rejected, in need of help, and alone. BUT, It's not ok to defend the feelings of someone who actually tried to kill everyone at his school. That would be like saying 9/11 was 'OK' if Osama Bin Laden didn't have anyone to talk to at the time.

But, as far as the game goes, I hope this gets to a Sirtom Collab, if there will ever be one. GJ, jay.

:I ... petrol...

As joke it isn't bad , but as game its suck - no controls , only 2 pushes with cursor , weak graphics .
Stil i like your sense of humor , but other time flash of this kind put as movie not games.


My only complaint is poor graphics. However, their "poorness" (is that a word?) made the video. It wouldn't have been as silly/funny with amazing looks.


That was hilarious. A little room for improvement but a great idea.

To the guy below me + review

I lol'd. I choosed him then BAWOOOOOP.

Also, when your life sucks balls, it helps if you dont say your gonna burn down the school.