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Reviews for "Sirtom93 - The Game!"

I lol'd

Sirtom was an idiot though for posting his plans on the internet.


When I first played this I was like... well it could have been so much better. Perhaps doing something such as making it so you could actually move around in the school and what not.

That would still be a decent idea for a game though. Make it so he could move around in the school running away from the cops the entire time. No matter what happens the final scene could be him trying to get everything out of his bag to take the school down and the cops catching him before he has the chance to do it.

A nice large black man in the jail cell would be a nice addition to it. Something that sirtom himself might actually have to deal with here in his life.

Graphic wise it could have been much better. The submission is a joke itself, which is something a lot of people won't understand properly because they are too lazy to go and find it out for themselves.

The concept and the humor of the submission is great though. It deserves a ten all around and I also added it to my favorites just because of the laugh I got out of it. It's always fun to make fun of someone. :P

Overall - Could have been a little bit better, but the laugh I got out of the submission was well worth it.

JaY11 responds:

It was made on a laptop, it's like impossibly frustrating to draw anything :P

Thanks for teh review!


1.The game by itself wasn't good at all, you cannot understand what you are supposed to do since you lose a second after you start playing..
2.Sirtom93 is the leader of a crew where l post on, and l will not tolerate somebody making fun of him...

JaY11 responds:

1. It's a joke
2. It's a joke

Haha, He's Ginger.

This pretty much sums it up in a nutshell with what happened.

Gave me a good quick laugh so I guess you deserve something for that, and since it's obviously not a flash to take too seriously, you can't really review anything else except humour.

Had a few nice touches. All in all, pretty funny. 10/10.

JaY11 responds:

Why shank you