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Reviews for "Sirtom93 - The Game!"


You made my day. Here have an internet.

I love this.

I just can't describe the awesomeness of this. So i'll just say

Not really a game

It wasn't really a game, but it did definetly make me laugh. I would have preferred something like a platformer evading the police, and in the ending, just as he winds up to toss the petrol can, 20 police cars surround him. THAT would have been hilarious. Still, it was a nice try, and definetly funny. A lot of people seem to be capitalizing on the Sirtom incident though. Wonder how long before it loses steam.


Least exciting quest ever. ;-)

But a very accurate summary of the events of that fateful day. It must be humiliating to be detained by something called the Mental Health Act, haha. Nice stuff you got here.


I never knew about this but i caught on quickly after playing it 3 times...
the animation wasn't the best though but it was better that seeing rick astley(who cares if I spelt his name wrong he's gay).It could be funnier if you had a choice of 3 characters all of them him in different poses.

JaY11 responds:

Ha that's a pretty amusing idea