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Reviews for "Sirtom93 - The Game!"


lmao fucking epic


I could play this over and over again becuase it's hillarious. Sirtom93 is officially the worst would-be arsonist ever.

Heh, funny.

I must admit, even if the threats were serious, this still made me chuckle. The bad graphics made it funnier for some unknown reason as well. Those darn cops seem to catch me every time :(


that was awesome.


I'm kind of impressed (not sure if this is the word I wanted to use) about the sirtom93 story. I think part of the trouble lies in schools not doing enough to discourage bullies and such. I also think that in the future, given how things are going, schools will require security personnel. I guess this is how times are turning out to be.

About the flash itself, it could have been a bit more entertaining, but I guess you were very timely on the subject so I'll vote 3 and rate 6.