Reviews for "Patapon 2 The Art Of War"


Pata Pata Pata Pon. (thom thom thom thom) Pon Pon Pata Pon. ( thom thom thom thom) Chaka Chaka Pata Pon! PATAPON FEVER!

very nice!

I love patapon 1 and 2 =)
A promotion, I see.
It's a perpect idea for flash animations, these patapons.

I agree with giftedbuttwisted

Patapon 2 is very addictive in the PSP but its very damn laggy here well at least you did some hard work here ill rate you a 6

Sick on the psp, shitty on here

I'm addicted to Patapon on the PSP, however it doesn't work on here :/

Patapon 2 is amazing,


Not really.