Reviews for "Patapon 2 The Art Of War"


Id give a 10 for its a great game except for lag spikes, but not gicing my prise even when the demons were launching a barrage of lag at me and I even got 104 chars (THE MAX) thats sad!

You see...

ya know why it allways has "pata pon" at the end of every comand this is why...your telling "patapon" to pata pata witch means "FORWARD" chaka chaka means "DEFEND YOURSELVES" and pon pon meas "CHARGE" in fever mode and in normal it means "FIGTH WITH ALL YOUR WILL"

my cousin basti has patapon 1 on his psp

i like it

Pata pata pata pon !

I love this game !

Nawt Bad at all.

Damn i love Patpon, anyway this game wasn't too bad, but not particularly good either... i can't talk, i don't even know how to make a game... anyways well done, i like how well the characters, sounds and backgrounds resembled the real game. the annoying thing is that halfway through the game the patapons started singing out of sync with the beat which was really annoying and made it hard to drum well.b next time try adding some more enemies and more levels. :)