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Reviews for "Experimental Game"


love it very addictive

Kidgamez responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback!

Level two...

The music in level two is from Blast Works :D

Not bad

Not bad at all, but the graphics could have been way better. The game itself gave a challenge but wasn't impossible. I give it an 8 because its not terrible by my standards.

Kidgamez responds:

If you can beat the game I'd be impressed!

Awesome game

I love the color thing and think you stick with that instead of obstacles if you remake the biggest problem i had was i couldn't always tell if the border would hurt me or not so maybe make it different color except when it hurts you and then make it blue.

Insert Title here...

This game is just brimming with potential!!!
I have to say I just loved it - yeah the graphics aren't great, and the sound ain't nothing to write home about but the game mechanics are definitely something interesting and unique.
We're talking about cool control and gameplay, non-linear level building and an all around fun game. Yeah sound and graphics need improvement - but I'm sure you're aware of that, but first and foremost tweak the wall bumping!

If you remake this game, I'd also stay with the color thing - it gave it a more interesting feel than the usual spikes, electric fields, saws, spiked balls and falling anvils.
Also stay with the weird and nonlinear level building! It's pretty awesome!

Thanks for the game and hope to see more from you soon!

Kidgamez responds:

Hey thanks for the positive feedback, I'm currently working on a space shooter game, but I hope to have a similar game to this one coming up soon.