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Reviews for "Experimental Game"

A nice start,

But I really recommend getting help from an artist. Some of the graphics are a tad too oldschool and are unappreciated by newer users. Also, a larger screen size is nice too, I find myself always clanking into walls that are too close together. You should also try to ad things such as power ups (lifes, fuel ((With fuel power ups it'll give a boost of fuel to keep going, I know it returns.)) etc.) Overall, a nice start, but not a very good game.

Kidgamez responds:

I'll keep that in mind if i'm making a new version

Not bad

Not bad at all, but the graphics could have been way better. The game itself gave a challenge but wasn't impossible. I give it an 8 because its not terrible by my standards.

Kidgamez responds:

If you can beat the game I'd be impressed!

An okay game.

It's an okay game, with an interesting concept and well-done features such as the fuel and the shields. Graphics needs an improvement, and I noticed a glitch with back music: when switching levels, the music of the previous level remains while the one of the new starts, until the loop ends - try to fix that?

Overall, not bad. Just improve graphics, the level design is neat and challenging.

Kidgamez responds:

Thanks, I'm all up for making a new version if people like this kinda game. I actually kept the weird sound loop thing as a transition.. lol

anyway thanks


love it very addictive

Kidgamez responds:

Thanks for the positive feedback!