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Reviews for "Destroy Your Hunger"

wtf lol!

I was wtf at first but then at the final moment I realised the thing, hahaha good stuff

StickDinosaur responds:

I should've really put a label on the dorito too. I don't think many people have seen a dorito with muscley man arms.


I laughed my ass off on this one you aussies are lucky to have such a wonderful and powerful cornchip

ps you have my vote already voted too!

StickDinosaur responds:

Thanks for the vote man, I know we are very very lucky. It makes me feel safe when I stumble home at night.


amazing! "i have been vanquished!" :P
i hope your ad wins! XD

StickDinosaur responds:

I'm glad something of mine can be quoted by some one. That is cool. You've made my night man. I toast to you with my rum.


I liked it, very good, bit short and not really much of an ending, woulda prefered a fight but oh well :P. Cant find your short on the website though :S :(.

StickDinosaur responds:

Yeah it's like a bloody maze, it's all good though. Yeah more of a fight scene would've bin cool but they only give you 29 seconds.

Cheesy and simple.....

Just like most Aussies :D (lol Im a New Zealander, I can get away with it :P).

Honestly tho, its not too bad, I would suggest instead of some idiotic blob being hunger, why not some awesomely buff evil master-type behemoth with Mr Dorito blasting the bejeesus out of him with his WMC (Weap. of Mass Consumption) with the catch phrase "DORITOS, FIGHTING THE FORCES OF HUNGER!"

Yes I do have too much time if I can think of all that

StickDinosaur responds:

Hahaha like most aussies... I like you.