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Reviews for "Destroy Your Hunger"

mmm eehh err

I was drawn in towards the beginning I dont know if you had a lenght you had to make it but I woulda loved to see it go on longer, what do feet have to do with taste buds? o.O

Hips and Hops

Errr i like the idea but it seems like its missing something.. like the animations could have been better man... and what are foot creatures doing?... wtf??.. Alsoo i like doritos so you could have made them more like doritos.. not just like big cheese.. :D u getting an 8/5

StickDinosaur responds:

I really thought that the bulging man arms would be a dead give away that it was a dorito but I guess I was wrong.

Good Luck!

I'd vote for ya, but I'm sure it's only open to locals. If not, shoot me a PM and I'll go vote for ya.

StickDinosaur responds:

From the responses I've heard from people I think it might only be locals. Hahaha one guy did put in a fake postcode though but i wouldn't recommend goin into that much effort. Thanks anyway though dude hope you thought it was good for an ad.


stupedest movie ever! BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

StickDinosaur responds:

haha stupedest...

*laughs* a bit corny but it works :)

Very good, i liked it!
The lead dorito reminded me of your typical muscled superhero leader who gets the job done!
The animation was really smooth and i liked the plot but you could of made 'hunger' into a large formidable nasty opponent that wouldn't go down without a fight. Other than that good luck with the competition :P

Angelkitty20 xXx

StickDinosaur responds:

I guess I could've made it more epic like that. Maybe I should make another one. Problem is I'd have to summon the will power.