Reviews for "Particle Playground"

Wow... what a great way to waste my working day

fantastic way to create unique truly gorgeous images

Really neat

Really awesome, it reminded me a lot of the AVS editor in Winamp, it was very fun. For a very light flash submission this one deserves the Awesome score! For some reason, I liked the fact that there was no music - so you can play any trance song from the audio portal to go with the particle animation and that's something I love.

artificialgames responds:

Ahh a fellow trance fan, infact im currently listening to o-reds angelic transe set (week 97). Iim glad you enjoyed it mate :) Im thinking of adding an option to sync it up to some music, getting it to flash on beat and things may make for some interesting effects.

Very useful!

You can create any possible figure there is with this prgram. It's possible to crate the most beautiful figures with this. Thanks for uploading.


it's very retro. i like games like this because it's cool how you can make things with particles and how they light up different colors.the game gave me a little headache but it's very fun. 10/10....5/5


kept me really intertained for a while... I loved making the atari sign with those colors :D