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Reviews for "Particle Playground"

not bad at all

very interesting to play with and expirement, but my problem was that it reset every time I added or removed a force, and after a while, the background was totally black, and I had barely any particles


This was a lot of fun! My CPU was hot for this (har har). Very cool though. As for the people saying how complex it was... it wasn't that hard to figure it out. In fact, exploring around in it was fun in itself.

too complex for me lol

i agree it was great, but it was a bit confusing and unclear. i messed around with it for 20 minutes and i couldnt figure it out. it is extremely amazing but if there were directions it would actually be playable for most people. please install some directions or something, and it would be nice to make this into a screensaver. =]

artificialgames responds:

A screen-saver? Now there is a good idea ;)


kept me really intertained for a while... I loved making the atari sign with those colors :D

Love the size, oh, wait, it's not really so small.

GameJacket loads an external file, so I can't save the file for offline use. What good is a gadget if you have to load it every time you want to use it? Beyond that, though, Game Jacket loads, then, it loads something else, and then, that loads the actual 'game', why so much loading?

Also, it doesn't teach you how to use the particles for anything, and the settings are a bit unclear. Some directions or pop-up hints would have been nice.

artificialgames responds:

Well GameJacket uses a versioning system where it pulls the latest version down when you run the distributable. The small size makes it more friendly for portal owners bandwith cost. The gadget is designed for online use primarily as the screenshot upload thing wouldnt work without an internet connection.

Pehaps the settings are unclear, ill have a think about how to make it more obvious. However im a firm believer in just playing around with things an seeing what you can do rather than wading through reams of instructions. Who wants to read instructions before they play with thier new toy?

Cheers for the comments!