Reviews for "Flea 1.5"


That last level was a beastly bitch. I lost 2000 points to that level.

Good concept...

Good idea, but it's to easy to spam your way through the game... take out infinite jumping, add some moving spikes, a time limit per level and lives and you got yourself a better game!

Terrible engine, creative design

As a programmer, I can tell that the "features" of this game are no more than bugs in your engine that you refused to fix. That being said, you used your engine effectively and the levels were both creative and challenging.


Well, I have to say, this has to be one of the most addicting little games I have ever played. Level 25 is particularly annoying, but I couldn't finish it because my break was up. 9/10 - 4/5. There are just a few glitches where you'd fly through the flooring/walls, but otherwise, good job.


I like this plenty. It's fairly fast-paced, and it has a nice movement design and allows you do a lot of things you just couldn't do with any other blood parasite.

Most of your difficulty seems to come from claustrophobia; most of the harder environments scarecly allow you to jump, and that's good with me. The flea is fast in pretty much every way, so this only makes the levels feel 'panickier'.

The coins are interesting; no matter at what actual cost to my score I would obsessively hoard the things and replay a level several times to get them. Seems to be related to 'acheivement disorder'.

I have one major gripe about this game though, and it's a biggie: everyone knows there's no animal alive that can double-jump, let alone suspend itself in the air indefinately with its frantic litte legs. If you try hard enough to discount that though, you find a very playable game.