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Reviews for "You smoke other's lives"

By the love of...

This surely has a deep, DEEP meaning! It's not just a stupid video that says that cigarettes are living beings, the meaning is somewhere deeper. I hope this one passes. Great work.

demonicsunship responds:

YOU, YOU own! wow. I LIKE people like YOU man.
You will have a great life!


Sends an awkward message to the viewer... It appears that Hansari is too late.


That really sad man... really sad...
nice work!!! (good thing im not smoking XD)

demonicsunship responds:



I think I get it <3 you mean "stop smoking you hurt others around you" am I right?

demonicsunship responds:

Fuck yea! :P

Wait, what?

It's an anti-smoking message... based on pity for the cigarettes themselves? I'm not sure how much sense that makes...

demonicsunship responds:

You should try to understand the second degree of what you watch