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Reviews for "You smoke other's lives"


Sends an awkward message to the viewer... It appears that Hansari is too late.

Confused message...

It felt like this kinda ad would be more appropriate had it shown a family of happy chickens or something, and then one got plucked up and eaten at KFC with the message "Your taking others lives."

I get the message that your saying here. That by smoking, we are breaking hurting other peoples lives and breaking up families...just think it could've been executed better...


that's true

By the love of...

This surely has a deep, DEEP meaning! It's not just a stupid video that says that cigarettes are living beings, the meaning is somewhere deeper. I hope this one passes. Great work.

demonicsunship responds:

YOU, YOU own! wow. I LIKE people like YOU man.
You will have a great life!

I agree :)

So do I!! Not 1o becouse it's a little bit too short you know...