Reviews for "Swimmin on a Rainbow Road"

do i hear it right, it's another rainbow road, and again it's just wonderfull, the beat is good enough and the overall song is great, a must download so i can use this in my winamp, and by the way...WOOT!! first comment!!

MiguelVolkov responds:

Yeaahhh!! And a very good first comment. Thank you so much. I'm really glad you liked this job.

A great musician you are. Just like TheJohnnyDeath, a great many of your pieces of music end up on my MP3 player. Thanks so much for another beautiful way to bring back a beautiful memory.

Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road and The Ending theme always give me those calm feelings...
Great nostalgic music always gives me that.
Anyway You did a great job on this remix, hope to see an MK64 Ending theme from you too soon.

MiguelVolkov responds:

Nice, I will please you... Let the inspiration come, and I will please you with the Ending theme, of course... Look forward for it. I'm glad you liked my music style! Thank you so much ^.^

The bell things, the techno style.... Wow...

Anyway, I really like this and I think it really captures the feel of, well, rainbow road. Awesome music!

I never really played Mario Kart much, I was a Playstation fanboy back in the day. Probably still am, but my PC has consumed my gaming life ^_^

As a song in and of itself, I enjoyed this track! I will be featuring it on the 8bitalliance.com cast site. Look for it up in about a week.