Reviews for "Madness Aggregation"

For the bravery of yourself Deimos, you should rest in peace.
For the revenge of yourself Hank, KILLED THE FUCKING AUDITOR.

Very smooth

Delivering Unmatched creativity and quality must be your specialty because you have brought all that and more fourth, and thats a good start for thismovie, And I do hope you keep up the decent movies, And now more into the review. The content type was pretty nifty and the animation was smooth, I do like this "BLACK/WHITE" style you even added some color wich was nice, Now dont get me wrong I did enjoy this and had fun with it, Keep with the Momentum of the flash from start to finish, bring out the obvious entertainment value and make it fun for all.

Getting to some improvments is always a hard one, but there is always room for some sort of improvments but honestly this was pretty solid all the way around maybe more flashy effects but other then that it was alright.


RIP Deimos. You will always be awesome in my book!

Rest in peace deimos, my fam

The best before last part, EPIC

Your sacrifice will not be in vain deimos