Reviews for "Madness Aggregation"

Amazing job bro! 9.8/10 stars! I loved every part and, overall your best one, that's my opinion though...

I like how Sanford uses his hook to pull an enemy and use him as bullet shield.

I like how Deimos uses the body of Hank as bullet shield. Brutal.

I like how Hank repays with the same and uses Deimos body as bullet shield.

I am sad about death of Deimos but some main character had to die to make others look vulnerable. It's a good thing it was the smoker.

Auditor picking up Jebus nimbus was menacing.

bro! you never fail to disappoint me! can't wait for 10!

Actually, juicedrop, about a minute and 30 seconds in, you can see Deimos smoking. You probably just didn't see it because (let's face it) we were all focusing on Sanford's murder spree.

lmao bff