Reviews for "The NG Rules 4"


From what I managed to snag as the text flew by, you basically copy pasted the NG rules and put it to music... Wheres the animation? In the future I suggest you make short skits of each rules/ faq so that viewers can learn something from your videos rather than just strain their eyes.

but... I'm a big stickler for catchy animation =)

Nomader responds:

Hey, I understand -- frankly, I'm not that good at flash, so this is aiming low, y'know? I'll see if I can learn flash a bit better in the future.



it hurt the brain trying to watch the letters fly by lol it would have been a bit better if they were bigger, nice choice in music :P keep on trying


Nomader responds:

I understand. Don't worry, I didn't try too hard on this one. Maybe next time, huh?

Cheers and thanks for the review!