Reviews for "The NG Rules 4"

Wait what

Can't you just read the rules on the newgrounds help/faq page, and plus the text goes by to fast and is really small for anyone to be able to read it.

Nomader responds:

Yeah, you can. This was honestly just a junk effort and it made it through. Eh, I won't count my stars so lucky next time.

Cheers, and thanks for watching!

ok, you should stop now.

Every one of these has been nearly identical. All you have done is copy the rules from the FAQ site. If you want to animate the rules in some creative way, go for it. Otherwise give up and leave.

Nomader responds:

Don't worry. This is the last one for quite awhile -- I'll probably take the time off to learn some decent flash.

Sorry if the flash bothered you, but I appreciate your comments.



You worked longer on this than on the last two? How long can it take to copy and paste text and then tween it? You've done no work in this, you've provided the audience with nothing.

The only thing someone can get from this is the rules to newgrounds which are already set out on a page on this site which is more readily available and much more aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally the text moves far too fast for anyone who, for god knows why, is actually trying to read it.

If you want to practice flash, practice it and keep it to yourself. If you want to make something for people to view make something they would actually enjoy/benefit from watching.

Nomader responds:

Fion, thanks for your review, and I can understand your anger at this flash. However, let me respond to your comments.

Frankly, I did work on this one harder than the other two... I took longer in choosing the colors of the text. That's the God's honest truth.

I don't expect anyone to be reading this -- if you are, you're missing the point. The point is, that, well, this is junk. I don't consider it anything else. I understand where you're coming from, but next time, please don't act like my intentions in this flash were dishonest and for the sole purpose of ruining your day. Some of us just aren't good with flash.


erm the title was pretty straight forword :D i thought it was gonna be something else but i suppose for those who would like to read fast srolling words this is what you wanna watch! lol

Nomader responds:

Haha, a gigantic motion tween. That's what I call epic.... kidding, kidding. Bad joke.

Thanks for watching!

hardly flash. but nice music.

though this could hardly be considered flash. I did enjoy the music What was it?

Animation: 2/10

Nomader responds:

Haha, you can find the audio on the left side below my name. It's actually from the NG Audio Portal -- a lot of hidden gems in there.

Thanks for reviewing!