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Reviews for "guitar battle short"

this was cool, prety original

i liked it :) not somthing you see on newgrounds to often, real life and animation. they go great together i vote 5

hell ya!

you should have made it into a game, but still good none the less.

FlamingMoose responds:

sorry im nto good at actionscript or else id have a preloaoder

very good

nice idea com binding flash and life

FlamingMoose responds:


Haha great job!

A nice styled movie! I like how you used real life people/action stuff. Maybe you can help me! :D

FlamingMoose responds:

pm if you want guidance id be happy

good, yet laggy

It was a pretty good clip. Nice effects when the battle started, they were pretty accurate. Nice job!

FlamingMoose responds:

thanks alot dude :D