Reviews for "Haywyre - Infinite NG CUT"

Awsome man. Can you make a intro like this about 20 seconds long for our youtube channel? We do gaming let's plays.

Ohk, i started listening to you before Dubsonic came out and now youve got songs like this, god damn wyre, this is some sexy stuff, im loving this, great for just chillin and relaxing or playing at a party, which i plan to this weekend, so great job on that tracks!(:

I'd just like to say that you're among my favorite artists, on NG or otherwise. Your album "Voyage" really blew me away. Keep on rocking out (and subsequently making me feel inadequate)!

all of these remind me of lost kingdoms from the gamecube! love it and this!!!

first one sounds like a good start for gta v second sounds like a Pokemon gym battle third sounds like the ending of gta v fourth sounds like ballad of gay tony even though i aint played it and i cant think of anything for the rest