Reviews for "Haywyre - Infinite NG CUT"

You mah boy. Good shit.

I think you'd make all the old Dubheads proud...not going overboard withe the screech stuff, but at the same time not sticking to the standards/overused stuff of yesteryear.

Good work! (Loving how LD004 sounded)

This is definitely Dubstep. The thing that might confuse some people is that it is actually original.

Ohk, i started listening to you before Dubsonic came out and now youve got songs like this, god damn wyre, this is some sexy stuff, im loving this, great for just chillin and relaxing or playing at a party, which i plan to this weekend, so great job on that tracks!(:

can't wait for this friggin release man <3 LOVEEEE LD004

Look at this guy VVV xDDDD (whars teh skrillexdrop brah?)