Reviews for "Haywyre - Infinite NG CUT"

sita muzika geriause gal jums ne bet man taip

Man, a lot of your new tracks are developing into a whole bother' style. They remind me of Tipper. Tipper is a freaking beast. Your a freaking beast.

Sounds real dope, props. Really like the one that starts at 5:09 I think it's stone shower.

Really awesome HAYWYRE INFINITE AVAILABLE JUNE 25th sounding, and looking forward to the release, but you don't HAYWYRE INFINITE AVAILABLE JUNE 25th have to insert HAYWYRE INFINITE AVAILABLE JUNE 25th IN BETWEEN EVERYTHING!

love your acoustic elements as always. itmakes me feel classy when listening to a generally-regarded "cut-and-dry" genre. you've come a long way since when i listened to your first track on newgrounds. i try to buy some of your tracks when i get enough extra money, but now im looking forward to getting the entire ep :D