Reviews for "Trapped 2"


this kinda reminded me of Chip's Challenge, if you know what that is. It's good, but the music was annoying.

An improvement on the first, but still too short

That was much better than the first as you used more features in it, which were nice to see, it was harder than the first one as well which was also a nice touch, and also the music fitted much better with the game, although the major flaw with the original was still here, it was only one level, so it was way too short, this level should have been part of the first game.

ok, not great

This seems like the second tutorial, Trapped 1 being the first. Not too difficult, so you might want to try to play the newer versions.


better than first, i liked it. IT had more puzzles than first. Continue makeing the games. If it was longer it would be great.

Overall I loved i t , keep going


Loved it.. Where do i put the password "rjm"