Reviews for "Trapped 2"


I liked how you got alot more complex in this one, i mean it took me a good 7 minutes to pass this one, i liked the inclusion of passwords and pressing enter on a certain block, very creative ideas and really does make it heaps more fun and interactive. I liked the music in the background in this episode although maybe giving the player the chance to change the sound would be nice. Overall i was pleasantly suprised to see how much more detailed you got with this idea, im starting to get scared at how good number three will be.

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Better Than Last

Each Trapped Game gets better and better. I know, before I was a member I played them. Don't give up hopes if this one sucks. There are betters to come. 3,4, and 5 are actually the best. They are way longer than the second one which I'm reviewing right now.

A little tricky

Getting the timimng right for the fire blade thing sure was tough, but atleast I enjoyed playing this.

good, bad, and good

good-cool gadgets
good-tiny bit harder

Still a little easy

Easy like Trapped 1, but still a little better
Now it has gadgets that number 1 never had, like the water boots, which is the reason why it's better