Reviews for "Trapped 2"

ok pretty good there

hey this game was pretty challenging good game it has pretty good elements although not my favorite genre of gaming but still none the less pretty good,keep working at it and you'll be alot better in no time though*actually alot better then me i dunno how to even create a cartoon on this thing yet let alone a game lol*

good game here

verry good game needs more villens and make the others harder and somebody give a hint where the hints are


This game was pretty good. you could have made it harder though. What does the password from the first game do?

Better Than The First

A hell of a lot better than the first, but still not quite up to scratch. The graphics still look like shit, and the music was freaking annoying. I hope the next one will be better...I'm gonna go play it now.


Very easy, but still really fun. Great job!