Reviews for "Trapped 2"


1st:u got to read and memerize or just write it on a peace of paper the instructions itll say them on the wierd block in the room

2nd:use the teleporter to get the other piece of diamond then go back to wheres theres 3 diamonds and 1 in the middle its colorful u cant miss it then place the diamond u have on the empty space(just press enter)

3rd:in the place where theres a star in the way dont worry about dying just try and get pass it and when u do activate these colors in this order red,blue,light blue,and purple.

4th:in that black door use the code: rjm (itll open by itself and then u can go get the water boots to get the blue key)
if u dont get it email me or sumthing on newgrounds good luck XD

Good. Better Than the First

It's a bit more challenging than the first one. 5/10

stuck again-.-

cant reach the blue key!


This game is awesome! I love all of the Trapped series games! Where's Trapped 6!? It's been quite some time now...c'mon...I'm waiting...

Keep up the good work!

pretty good

better then the first 1.