Reviews for "Trapped 2"

very fun awesome job make more.

loved it dont think its stupid at all u did very good keep up the good work.

pretty good game. but would only play once

very easy to get to grips with. only gave the sound 4 coz themusic gets repetitive. its fun to play through once, though.

a lot better

than the first one.. good job!


i thought it was pretty good, better than the first one. the music was kinda of annoying, and the fact that the first one you could turn the sound off but not this one i did not like. its still a pretty fun game, way too short, but fun none-the-less. gave it a two for hummor because even though i played the 4th one before ne of the others, its still humourous to be a triangle that is stuck somewhere trying to find your way out. keep up the good work and make a 5th one already, or if you already have and i jsut dont know about it, then tell me wher ei can find it, lol.

Oh wow.

but you are making 1 level games.