Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"


I literally made an account just to rate and review this dating sim. The best dating sim I've ever played,or possible the best online game I've ever played. And I've played tons of online games.
It's really easy,and fun. I've played your other dating sims on deviantart,and this ones the best.
Grrrr,I so want to see a Alityx..Main character fanfic now :(

Anyway,this is a really easy game,and really fun.


wow.Bomee must be prince of sim dates.Do you have love,Bomee?

:) +10

I love this game too as well as all your other, i fell in love with red i was going with Helio but then i wanted to make him a pic and thats when i saw red, dark,a vampire, blood. all my fav things.

i realy love this game i already played it three times please make more

One of my favorites. The characters are sweet yet have a good story behind them.