Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"


reds story is touching and beautiful, this is one of the deepest dating sims i've played the endings are sweet i've beat it with both the guy and girl also mind making the cheats a little more obvious at the end i can never find em T-T

I was looking for a good, non-hentai dating sim...

Being a guy, I didn't think this was it, what with the majority of datable people being men, but Allity was cute and nice, (If a bit dodgy) and I enjoyed the shell picking minigame, overall, this was a wonderful game and a pleasure to play, I'm glad that I found it.

The Kitty Picture Brought Me Here! :D

i gave all presents for red but i couldn't kiss him? what did i do wrong?

i think i like red >/////< btw to date and kiss red you need to buy all the presents for red then buy the dress at the store...you will automaticly get 50hp...hope this help,i guess :) i totally like this game ;D