Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

so it doesn't matter what gender you are

as long as you play your hand, you'll win. a bit glitchy, like when i gave to painting instead of one, it wouldn't let me finish the game. but entertaining none the less.

Yet another fun dating sim

Air was one of the guys in Popstar Dating Sim.

Moonlight is still my favorite of the nummyz series.

Fun artwork, interesting characters, not quite as much of an overall storyline as say, Moonlight Dating Sim.

Is there any point to cooking and art other than to make the presents?

Bomee responds:

nope lol
stay tuned for moonlight II in July :)

Big Fan But....

Yeah! Now that I'm registered I can finally comment on your work! I love it! It's so good to have a dating sims with no cursing or sex; something I can play with my mom behind me and not feel like I'm doing something bad. You can probably guess which is my favorite *points to name* but I love them all! Honestly, I'm not a big fan of half-animal guys but I still love it. ^^ It's so beautiful and romantic but....I don't like how you have one date and then it's over. I like how you did it orginally where eve if you kissed them you got to go on another date and just choice when the time was up. I know I would have enjoy more time with Red; he's cute! <3

How do u cook and paint i cant figure out how

Good, i like it