Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

<3 So lovely

I fell in love with the girl. Love has no boundaries.


Ah well, I always like emo guys.. 'l' w

btw, it's awesome! :>

Your best dating sim yet

I really enjoyed this one. The artwork was very well done, concept was nice and way you can choose what to say with the Purra people just tops the cake.

I only s slight few problems and those are the ends for one; they just seemed too short and the vampire guy. I know he seems like he does love her but then again he just just wants her for her blood. Oh well, if they are in love who am I to say anything, though? :P

So really the only problem I had was with the endings. It just seemed like it missing something and could have been longer. Well, you still get a 5 overal, though!


The cheat is Nummyz, and it gives you a 1000 extra shells.

certainly the most interested dating sim...

it's certainly interesting, but I'm incredibly fond of it.
I absolutely adore the character "Red" but then again, I love vampires XD
anyway, this seems a lot less buggy than your other sim-dates. I prefer the mechanics, as well as the characters.
it's a lot more creative as well.