Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

This is awesome!

I love the fact of a lesbian ending. but the other endings are awesome as well. Thanks for a great game.

Bomee responds:

thank u!

I love this!!!

Bomee, your dating sims are getting better and better each time!!! Storyline is beautiful, and i especially love the fact that you always put a mysterious, lonely heart in each dating sim! Im looking forward to your next games!!~ Good job, too, on the artwork! I doubt i can ever compete with that...All i do is doodle for deviantart... Anyways(clearly ranting like some random psycho.again.) Im a huge fan, and please, DONT stop giving us these AWESOME dating sims, cause your's is the BEST non-perverted dating sim that actually has cute storylines!!! XD

<3 So lovely

I fell in love with the girl. Love has no boundaries.


Ah well, I always like emo guys.. 'l' w

btw, it's awesome! :>

<3 awesome ^_^

i fell in love with Red... h seemed so lost and then i came along i love it