Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

great job!

once again you have created a beatiful work of art.
thanks for all the games you do.
they are fantastic!

ive played many times and its still awsome


eeeee! >u<

Okay, this game is SOOOO CUTE C: I played through all the stories and everything~ I LOVED how you could choose a response to what the characters said, I think that mighta been my favorite part. You should certainly do that in future games C: Good job, great art, keep up the good work C:

Love it.

Very cute. I liked Yuu and Ality, and the fact you can actually choose a response. That's the best kind yet. :D I think this is my favorite. ..Yep. ^~^ Your work is amazing and always appreciated by your fangirls, including me! :D

Good game but...

I always Can't find my love, or inlove in this game. why?