Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"


A great little sim dating game.
Well..it kept me entertained at least

so it doesn't matter what gender you are

as long as you play your hand, you'll win. a bit glitchy, like when i gave to painting instead of one, it wouldn't let me finish the game. but entertaining none the less.

Pretty thought out.

Loved the fact that the main character was a reverse trap :]
Also loved that there's a female romantic interest.
This was a short game however so even though I had the same problem as the others about not receiving a cheat at the end of the game, I doubt it'll be necessary.
The negatives is that the music button doesn't stay on and there's not a cheat word afterward.
I commend you for the fact of drawing your own game.

Its different

I did the game. But there is not much character developement aside sucking up to the chosen victum/love interest. Its nice to see sex is not the actual objective. I would have liked the choice of making a wish. Stay with love interest or going home? So much more can be done.

Plain fun in a perverted field.

Bomee, you're entering uncharted waters here, and I'm impressed with what you've come out with.

Most people on this website play dating sims for the sole purpose of seeing naked girls at the end of them, no matter how depressing that sounds. You've managed to take the perverted out of the sims, giving people an experience that isn't found here to often (successfully), and you've done it well.

You don't want reviews for charity and confidence; you need them for critiques. Thus, I'll start my review of your work.

The artwork in the flash feels highly stylized, but it works (for some, not all of the characters). I was impressed how you used little details and elements (like snow falling in the hub area) to make the scene feel more life-like and moving.

The characters were a bit off. I suppose I've never been into the whole furry business, and that might be why of all the characters, Red, despite being a vampire, was the most fun of all of them. I would've preferred the ability to choose genders at the beginning of the game; it feels awkward hitting on guys haha.

Otherwise, however, this sim does nothing to stand above the others... I hate to say that. It feels as though you've put your heart and soul into it, so I feel guilty, but with such a large genre, you really need to differentiate yourself from the pack if you hope to succeed.

Good luck in the future.