Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

Done Under 3 min

you got to love thins game the only cheat i know is i guess its a world here i dont know if it work....

Bomee responds:

cheat is nummyz :)


I really do love all of your dating sim games. You are very good at making these 'Dating Sims', and I love the original storylines and artwork. I look forward to the next game~

not cool

when i gave the bunny guy all the presents it wouldnt let me kiss but other than that awsome

What can I say?I loved it!

Yep I have totally beat it :),.Your dating sims are always so unique,there is more feelings.I can't wait next dating sim!

Bomee responds:

thanx luv :)

Great creation

I loved this one and the story plot with it. I like how your dating sims are different from the typical ones.

Bomee responds:

thanx! :)