Reviews for "Dating Sim Academy"

great job!

once again you have created a beatiful work of art.
thanks for all the games you do.
they are fantastic!

its great!

ive been always a big fan of ur dating sim games! its fun and I really like the convos that have the player pick wat they want to say. It would be more polished and fun if it was longer. And have more things to do, But i still like it and ill be waiting for your next game! im rooting for you!

This is awesome!

I love the fact of a lesbian ending. but the other endings are awesome as well. Thanks for a great game.

Bomee responds:

thank u!

I love it!


Bomee responds:

aw welcome! :)

Big Fan But....

Yeah! Now that I'm registered I can finally comment on your work! I love it! It's so good to have a dating sims with no cursing or sex; something I can play with my mom behind me and not feel like I'm doing something bad. You can probably guess which is my favorite *points to name* but I love them all! Honestly, I'm not a big fan of half-animal guys but I still love it. ^^ It's so beautiful and romantic but....I don't like how you have one date and then it's over. I like how you did it orginally where eve if you kissed them you got to go on another date and just choice when the time was up. I know I would have enjoy more time with Red; he's cute! <3