Reviews for "One Love"


to mother mary who we pray :D


sweetness. im the same boat as the dude under me....

good work

i was high wen i loked at this and it really is the greatest.lol...i was high when i wrote this

bitterritter responds:

Ha Ha! Right on man. Thanks very much for the support. I appreciate it!

Some day from the sky will weeflakes fall :D

That how you have drawn the flake is awesome.
I like how it looks, I like really the marijuana leaf, so realistic.
And all shadows, ahh, love it.
I want to fill up my pipe and hit it. ha

bitterritter responds:

Indeed. I agree. Would that I could do much the same myself. Thanks for the support. I appreciate it!


Wow man this could easily be a tattoo for someone, seriously have you ever thought about selling your art to tattoo shops cuz they would defiantly buy your work, very good.

bitterritter responds:

Thank you! I haven't tried selling anything yet, but I will.. eventually. Cheers!!