Reviews for "Hex Empire"


One of the, if not the, best strategy games in ALL of Newgrounds. So many different maps and strategies, make a second with a lot more options and possibly types of cities and maybe units.

Awesome :P

I felt like a mastermind after I stopped losing to the A.I . . . even though I was still playing on easy. The A.I in this game is cruel, but once you get the hang of the game, wiping them all out gives a real sense of accomplishment :D

If you do make another game like this one, maybe you could have the capitals starting off in different area's other than the edges of the map? And maybe add special cities, with benefits that increase recruitment rate, or raise morale?


dude needs work. i had all the other guys aiming at my capitol at the same time and none where fighting each other. so i take points off for that. it also isnt personally with the times. i dont really get this type of game because i had 99 on my base city and a guy with like 75 toke it over? and the moral was a major issue with my games i played on this. for one u figure the largest army (99) would have atleast like 30 moral. mine had up to like 20. please work on it man.


Nice strategy game, loved the cynical style


Congratulations You have been promoted to General! Anyways Great game. IT seams like it was a Civil war type game kinda, But It was fun