Reviews for "Chaoz Fantasy (8-Bit)"

I general think, in my honest opinion, 8-bit sounds a little better than regular sound. but anyway, this is a great song no matter what format it's in. (well except MIDI)

When the first one gets even slightly boring; Make a remix. In 8-bit!!
Good to see progress from you.

Upload another soon!!

I can't believe that you made that only by listening to the original one. Good job sir/madam it's as good as the original!

I could listen to this over and over again... Thanks Paragon!

Im Strongly reminded of Mega Man 2 Dr. Wiley Stage (Main Theme of Megaman) and for what it SHOULD be XD Darn Awesome Paragon u really live up to your name for the main version of the song is still #1 of ALL TIME even now :)