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Reviews for "2112-Coop Chapter4"


Although you tackle an existing genre, it has some uniqueness to it and feels great. (I especially like the mouse scroll function, thats so awesome). The only thing I would suggest is to fix your spelling a bit. Especially in the name of the game it self. Chapetr4 should be "Chapter 4" right? Also your games would have much more potential on this site with thumbnails and if you uploaded them gradually rather then once each day.


I've played chapters 1-4 and they're all awesome... this is the only one I got 100% accuracy, though. Can't wait for chapter 5, even though this must take a sh*t load of time.

Kickass! but...ah...

Whats the password for???? ^^

this is the bes 1

this game is realy cool, THE best 2 players and maybe even the best fps on the web i have ever played. i played it with may bro, who is 4 years old and we beat all the chapter. so 10/10, 5/5 ;p

loved the new gun and how you replaced chick with bullets and his face. and this 1 was funny too


use the crowbar to open the vent in the bathroom.