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Reviews for "2112-Coop Chapter4"


I've played chapters 1-4 and they're all awesome... this is the only one I got 100% accuracy, though. Can't wait for chapter 5, even though this must take a sh*t load of time.

love it

nice game make more



urnam04 is an idiot

PLZZZZZZZ make more of these... it is by far the BEST shooter ive played on newgrounds. Ive played every episode and im craving MORE!! ^_^ i LOVE it

fun like the series

it actualy has a story its a nice plus but its too short needs to be a bit longer at least we know the author isint gonna disipear for a year and come back when we all think hes dead lol.

i have a one thing to say about the negitive comments about this game

if its soooo bad why is it in the top 5

sorry bout that i had to say something anyway best of luck to the author and hope to see more better work.