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Reviews for "2112-Coop Chapter4"

Too short.

If it was longer, it would get a 50!

ehh real short..

but it was awesome!!! short tho.. and you made a way to play thats WAY to easy.. scroll down from base of ur fingeer to the tip and u unload a whole clip... the fun way is just to click.... harder that way but if ur having trubble clicking that fast just epic scroll :D

nice game

the game was cool , but i can't believe that the guy who was in the bathroom had the key!!! Cool game though good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice game

what's the font of the "LOADING" at the beginning? thanks


its a really good game, bloody fantastic!

Is there any way you CAn do 2 player though?

Like in gunny Bunny 2?
That might be a good idea for the next one!

+ your charecter, looks like one of the bad guys form that game too!