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Reviews for "2112-Coop Chapter4"

this is the bes 1

this game is realy cool, THE best 2 players and maybe even the best fps on the web i have ever played. i played it with may bro, who is 4 years old and we beat all the chapter. so 10/10, 5/5 ;p

loved the new gun and how you replaced chick with bullets and his face. and this 1 was funny too

love it

but u kind of took out the whole co-op of it when the chick got kidnaped

But why is it a game?

Without an introduction or walkthrough it is hard to figure out what to do exactly. I suppose I should have started from the first one which may have given me a better base but what if I don't want to? Somewhat fun mucking clicking, making things happen to progress but seems somewhat click and watch what happens rather than any immersion in the game. Oh and dying and restarting is not fun. Seems more like it could be a flash film rather than a game. I rate it for its graphics and interesting to watch but it doesn't get alot of 'game' points from me i'm afraid.


I loved the way the screen split to show you your bullets. Gonna check out part 5 now... PS shooting by scrolling the mouse was brilliant.


I should start playing games more often.