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Reviews for "2112-Coop Chapter4"

Nice Graphics!

Continue the good work with those really good graphics! Please make another :D

Not Bad At All

This game is fun like the others, but I would have liked more action.The description says that this is co-op but it isn't...oh well.Graphics are nice and the new automatic weapon is good.

QzyPN, I think the health bar was supposed to go in the negative. Positive=alive Negative=stunned, but it's true, what is the point of the negative.


I was actually quite disappointed with this. After the other 3, the English wasn't as good as usual, the health bars went negative, and there was nearly no co-op aspect at all. I understand that the kidnapping's part of the plot, but having given the other three in the series 8, 9 and 10 I just feel that Chapter 4 isn't ready for release.


Although you tackle an existing genre, it has some uniqueness to it and feels great. (I especially like the mouse scroll function, thats so awesome). The only thing I would suggest is to fix your spelling a bit. Especially in the name of the game it self. Chapetr4 should be "Chapter 4" right? Also your games would have much more potential on this site with thumbnails and if you uploaded them gradually rather then once each day.


great awesome never played a game like this except gunny bunny but this is better cant wait for the next one in the series :D