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Reviews for "2112-Coop Chapter4"

Not bad ;D

It seems like a really good game ! i found the key by myself and everything ! but how to use it could have helped :P ! anyways nicely made n well done.

How do I use the crowbar?

How do I use the crowbar?

9/10 5/5

it was pretty dang awsome

not as good as the first three.

-No longer multiplayer. Why not have the guy find a friend to help him hunt for his buddy?
-This one felt less like a shooter and more like a puzzle game. Poor show.
-In one room the enemies respawned while the others stayed dead.
-Health bars went into the negatives. Why? Stupid. If you want to give them more health to make up for the power of the gatling gun then just make a larger health bar, don't let it go into the negatives.

I did like the first three but now I see it going downhill. If it was fixed and a lot longer I would even probably pay $20 for a full game like this. But not as it is.


I like it, but its a bit shorter than the first 3
the way this game is played is better than the first 3, but I'm on a laptop so Ithe rolling shot thingy isnt the best way for me to fire
this is still a kick ass game
cant wait for part 5!