Reviews for "Don't Look Back"


Very creative, literally said wow when I beat it.


Are you a fan of greek mythology. This reminds me of the tale of the guy who went into hades to get his wife back, but he is never allowed to turn around and see her for if he does she will disapear back to the depths of hades forever. I really like games that can link to mythology like this, you get a 10!

GREAT! Its easy too! It just needs memorization to win it!

This is a great little game with a very strange and creepy atmosphere; the gameplay is challenging and enjoyable and I really enjoy the story. Were you by any chance inspired by the famous Greek myth of Orpheus and Euridice? Just curious because that's what this game reminds me of.

Ouhh o my!!! how i get out of the cavern?? -_-